SEPSIS Congress


Dear Colleagues,

It is an honor to welcome you to the capital of Republic India, New Delhi.

Antimicrobial Resistance is jeopardizing the treatment of infections worldwide.

It is seriously affecting the critical care physicians ability to provide successful intensive care and outcomes.

Sepsis Congress 2015 will specifically focus on Pk/Pd of antibiotics and antifungal with currently available knowledge regarding optimized clinical use of revived old antibiotics such as colistin, fosfomycin, minocycline etc. The aim is to provide an updated insight into clinical PK/PD concepts, improved dosage regimens, combinations, appropriate indications in critical ill patients with MDR infections.

This year's congress will also debate the extra corporeal therapies role in the management of Sepsis.

The meeting brings galaxy of experts faculty in the 􀀶eld of Sepsis management. The presentations portray the bedside science and integrates research till date. Carefully chosen topics should help you translate the science into practice. Sepsis Congress 2015 endeavors to raise the quality bar in practice, research and education of Sepsis in this part of world.

The pre-conference infectious Disease Board Review Course is an excellent course for the fellows in training and the organizing team sincerely requests to encourage your fellows to participate in this popular course.

Come and join the fight against sepsis.

Stop Sepsis Save Lives

Organizing Team

Sepsis Congress-2015