The new Fundamental Critical Care Support ( FCCS )
, Fifth Edition textbook, has been expanded and rewritten to reflect current guidelines and practices on caring for the critically ill and injured patients. a user-friendly format and appendices provide additional information.


What is the Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) Course?

The Society of Critical Care Medicine's (SCCM) internationally renowned two-day FCCS course is the go-to resource for training non-intensivists, house staff, nurses, or other critical care practitioners how to manage critically ill and injured patients effectively. Through didactic lectures, small group discussion with clinical scenario questions and skill stations with hands-on instruction and experience, the FCCS course will help to disseminate basic concepts of critical care to all professionals who may be called upon to care for severely ill patients. The FCCS course offers new pre-and post-tests for measuring participants' growth . Individuals who successfully complete the required provider or instructor course will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Why should I attend this FCCS course?
The FCCS Course offers an approach to initial management of the critically ill patient for providers
not formally trained in critical care. Participants will learn useful information about the extended care of critically ill patients, especially care related to mechanical ventilation, monitoring, organ
hypoperfusion, and neurological support. Providers will receive guidance for acute problems
encountered in the ICU and for sudden patient deterioration.

The FCCS Course content is an ideal curriculum for critical care residency training programs.

Who is eligible to become an FCCS Instructor?

FCCS Instructor applicants may become Instructors in any of the FCCS Provider courses as well as Instructor Courses. The necessary credentials to become an instructor include:

  • Successful completion of the provider and instructor components of the FCCS course
  • Intensivist (determined by country of residence)
  • Physician board certified/eligible in critical care
  • Nurse certified in critical care and/or baccalaureate or higher degree.

Note: FCCS instructor status is renewed every two years either by attendance at a course or
participating in teaching at least one course every two years


  • To better prepare the non-intensivist for the first 24 hours of management of the critically ill patient until transfer or appropriate critical care consultation can be arranged.
  •  To assist the non-intensivist in dealing with sudden deterioration of the critically ill patient.
  •  To prepare house staff for ICU coverage.
  • To prepare nurses and other critical care practitioners to deal with acute deterioration in the critically ill patient.

Course Objectives

  • Prioritize assessment needs for critically ill and injured patients. 
  • Select appropriate diagnostic tests.
  • Identify and respond to significant changes in unstable patients.
  • Recognize and initiate management of acute life threatening conditions.
  • Determine the need for expert consultation and/or patient transfer.


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The Last FCCS was held at BHU Varanasi on 17-18th July 2015.

We will announce the details of next FCCS Course in Delhi soon.

Download FCCS Course Registration form for Provider and Instructor